Chianti Wineries Tour & Tasting 

Greve in Chianti, the black rooster home.

Our first stop during this tour will be the quiet and bucolic town of Greve in Chianti, close to where Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano (who discovered the Bay of New York) was born. We will visit the magnificent “Piazza Matteotti” with its porticoes, enjoying the many little handy-craft shops, the perfumed wine cellars and the five-centuries-old butchers’ shop named “Falorni”, worldwide famous for his beef, salami, ham and all sorts of sausages. We will then enter the “Chiantigiana” road, right in the heart of the Classic Chianti area, where the most famous Italian red wines are grown, produced and aged; they all are labelled with the quality sign of the Black Rooster, the “Gallo Nero”, denoting the best quality of Chianti wines in the world.

A taste of wine.

After the town of Greve we will go on with the tour and stop by some famous local wine producers.
Depending on the day of our tour, we will visit the Castle of Verrazzano (mon-tue-fri) or Vignamaggio (sat-sun): you will have the opportunity to have a simple or complete wine tasting, accompanied by natural products like olive oil and organic foods (visit their websites for more information: and

duration: about 9 hrs

A trip through the Chianti Region is a unique experience that will engage all your senses: you’ll walk amongst the orderly vineyards and silvery olive groves, with the perfumes of fermentation in the cellars, ending up your walk with a fine wine tasting.