Lucca & Pisa 

Walking around Lucca and its medieval heart.

Only 40’ from the Livorno port or Pisa center, the fortified town of Lucca will surprise you with unexpected beauties.
Firstly, we will have a rounding tour of the magnificent walls, the all bricked massive protections surrounding the entire city. Then, entering from one of the historical gates, the driver will park in front of “Piazza dell’Anfiteatro”: this oval shaped square occupies the site of a former Roman Amphitheater.
From here, your driver will pass through the narrow and notable streets full of people, all involved in running errands and wandering around the narrow streets; this area is a pedestrian zone and access is not generally permitted. We will park directly in front of the “Duomo”, in the heart of the city.
In Lucca you can feel free to stroll along the beautiful streets from piazza to piazza, browsing through the many shops along the exclusive “Via Fillungo”, enjoying a truly magical journey within a living history book, to finally stop in one of the local cafes for a sweet fresh pastry and an Italian coffee!

Pisa, home of the excellence and art.

Just 30’ from Lucca, our magic tour will then step in Pisa, the magnificent town of the Torre Pendente, the worldwide renown Wonder.
We will park right in the middle of the famous “Campo dei Miracoli”, the field of miracles: this square hosts the “Duomo”, the “Battistero”, the “Campo Santo” and – of course – the “Campanile”, better known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. All building are mostly made of white marbles from the the old ages, very precious resources for those times.
If you wish, you can climb the Tower but tickets are available with a little extra charge (tickets must be booked in advance). Please note that children under the age of 8th are not admitted.

duration: about 7 hrs

A perfect combination for those wanting a short tour for a satisfying day. Lucca is a true jewel, with its handsome architecture and impressive ancient walls, also boasting an excellent culinary tradition. Pisa, with its Leaning Tower (one of the Wonders of the World) will welcome you with its ancient romanic history and monuments, along the sides of the Arno river.