Siena & San Gimignano 

Siena, an UNESCO WorlD Heritage historic centre.

The first step of this wonderful tour experience will be in Siena, just 1h30’ from Livorno.
One of the most fascinating towns in Tuscany, Siena preserves its medieval character to a remarkable degree, with its beautiful gothic buildings like the “Cattedrale” and the “Palazzo Pubblico”, as well as its many Romanesque churches.
The center of the city is dominated by a large, shell-shaped square called “Piazza del Campo”, the heart of Siena’s town life, and where the “Palio delle Contrade”, the worldwide famous horse-race, takes place each year.
Siena’s great Cathedral was built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style but was later transformed into one of the finest examples of Italian gothic architecture. The town serves as a market for the surrounding farm area, which produces cattle, cereal grains, olives and above all, wines. Chianti wines from Siena are renowned worldwide!

Monteriggioni, from the Infernal abyss of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

Next stop on the way to San Gimignano, we will visit the less-frequented but very charming hill town of Monteriggioni, with its unconquerable fortress.
The Monteriggioni castle is one of the most majestic and powerful castles of the Italian Middle Age. Due to its strong fortification, Monteriggioni remained an unconquerable fortress for three centuries. Since its construction in 1213, it resisted every siege, ensuring the freedom of the Republic of Siena until 1554, and then was conquered by the Florentines.
The castle is a walled medieval fortress that sits on a low-lying hill surrounded by the picturesque Tuscan countryside. Its medieval walls and fourteen square towers are still intact, and you’ll have time to explore the narrow alleyways and fortifications of this precious Tuscany hill town.


Leaving Monteriggioni, our next stop will be in the unique town of San Gimignano, passing through the amazing beautiful Tuscan countryside.
Magnificent fortified walls and tall watchtowers show the power and prosperity of the Middle ages. Today, only thirteen of the original 76 towers remain standing. We will take time to enjoy a stroll along the cobbled streets while taking in San Gimignano’ sights, “Piazza della Cisterna” and the Romanesque cathedral named “Collegiata”, in “Piazza del Duomo”.
Don’t forget to taste the best “gelato” in the world: the ice-cream maker “Dondoli” is labelled as “il miglior gelato al mondo”, with the Lonely Planet guide naming it in the world’s best gourmet sights.

duration: about 9 hrs

Enjoy a full day immersion in the Medieval wonders right into the heart of Tuscany: Siena with its Piazza del Campo and the Palio, the historical castle of Monteriggioni, the stone towers of San Gimignano will take us through the ancient Etruscan land, discovering the authentic traditions and culture.